Sacred Womb Craft Facilitators

Giuditta Tornetta, Nicola Goodall and Diana Payne

In the last 40 years Giuditta Tornetta studied and practiced the ancient arts of healing, shamanic ceremonies, dance, touch and sacred sexuality.  She studied with emeritus teachers such as Shiatsu Zen Master Ryuho Yamada in the late 70s in San Francisco, Rachel Rosenthal in the art of performance, Robin Lim, Penny Simkin, Ina May Gaskin, Phyllis Klaus in the art of birthing, Dan Millman in the art of dying, and Master Ram in the Tantric Arts. She is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, certified birth and postpartum Doula and lactation educator.
Giuditta has accompanied hundreds of women though the rite of passage of birthing. in 2008 she published her first bestseller "Painless Childbirth: A Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth, (Cumberland House publishing.) Her studies and life dedication culminated in her second book Conversations With The Womb. In this book she extended her reach to women from all walks of life, at any time on their life path. That's when she zeroed in on the feminine archetypes, and created workshops specifically sharing her cerimonies, healing modalities for every woman's rite of passage

While Giuditta is best known as a writer, workshop leader and producer, she is also a passionate voice for women. She founded the nonprofit organization  providing free or low cost doula services to families who cannot afford them, as well as free childbirth education, baby care and lactation support.

Giuditta and Nicola have been teaching together with Robin Lim, a workshop called Loving The Mother since 2013. 

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Nicola Goodall

It’s been almost twenty years since I first began to support families around birth. Getting deeper and deeper enmeshed through my own childbirth experiences. Living close by to Michel Odent and Lilianna Lammers in South London, I was lucky enough to be amongst the first Paramana doulas officially taking his course in 2002.

Moving to Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2004, I became one of the founding members of the Scottish Doula Network. Although I am now becoming involved with many other different projects I still support at births and offer some early days postnatal support.

I have also worked as a birth educator with the NCT after completing a Dip Ed in Adult Education and independently in London and Edinburgh and greatly enjoy sharing this magical journey with parents.

After working together for several years, in 2013 I became the main facilitator on the Mindful Doula core workshop programme put together by Scottish doula extraordinaire Adela Stockton.

After taking part in the Scottish Birth Educators course in 2006-2008, I was inspired to begin Wysewomen workshops. The drive behind these workshops is to bring about the traditional sharing, learning and storytelling amongst women – facilitating workshops where there is no one teacher and all have something to contribute – keeping the flow of love and knowledge moving with creativity. The end result taking everyone home with solutions, more experience and love.

I’m now very fortunate to be working alongside Giuditta Tornetta of Joy in Birthing and Ibu Robin Lim CNN Hero of the Year 2011 on the Loving the Mother Workshops in Greece, Spain and Bali. This year we travel to Finland and Findhorn to take part in the Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth conference in September. In 2016 i facilitated at Da a Luz on their midwifery preparation course.

2015 saw me taking up the very nerve wracking task of presenting a TED talk.

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Diana Payne

has been involved with the occult for over 45 years.

She uses Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Qabalah, and Lunar Magic as tools to gain knowledge to shift and transform your perception of any situation.

Diana is a passionate spokesperson on the deep marriage between the inner and outer worlds and reminds us to take full responsibility for our lives.

She holds workshops frequently, teaching people the Principles and Laws that govern reality to help unlock the resistance and blocks that appear to control our lives.  Myths, art, and alchemy are used to explore symbols and meanings behind personal power, positive and negative relationships, and 'the story' we tell.

Her insights offer a unique opportunity for all individuals who wish to gain a greater understanding of themselves, to delve into mythic, symbolic and personal pathways to human wholeness.

Her commitment to each of her clients is to encourage self-examination for their personal concerns and not provide superficial answers.

She believes that all we are doing is waking up to our magnificence, understanding the gifts that Life gave us, to flourish, to share it with one another in the realization that Heaven is on Earth!