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Sacred Wombcraft

Sacred Wombcraft Workshop 
October 26 - November 1, 2020

A workshop with Giuditta Tornetta and Nicola Goodall

In addition we'll be joined by two guest speakers:

Metaphysician Diana Payne

Highly Intuitive Medicine Woman Louise



Giuditta and Nicola have dedicated their lives to helping women through their rites of passage, first blood, sexulity, motherhood, and menopause.  They have been driven by the interests and involvement of an incredible and engaged community of women around the world. Together and separately they have been teaching and gathering circles of women for over 20 years.


Now they are coming together one more time to bring you the Sacred Wombcraft Workshop in the magical, mystical land of the Highlands. Here women, shaman, witches, healer still infuse the land and will hold us with their magic.


At the Sacred Wombcraft workshop with the help of Diana Payne mythology, astrology and tarot expert, we will delve deeply into the Greek/Roman/Phoenician goddesses like Hekate, Aphrodite, Gaia, Diana, and Sumerian goddesses Inanna and Ishtar as well as biblical figures like Lilith, the first woman and the first feminist.  

With a local Shaman we'll delve into the local Celtic goddesses and learn Celtic the rituals, and healing modalities.

Giuditta and Nicola will facilitate cerimonies for women's rite of passages, wombcraf healing modalities,  womb massage, herbal baths, herbal remedies, and aromatherapy. We'll share stories and create archetypal dances.

We encourage you to bring your own ancestral goddesses and share their wisdom with us. 

We'll be staying in an old lodge in the Cairngorms National Park (see photos below) and we'll be served delicious vegetarian local food.

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Marina Del Rey, California USA


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